Welcome to the Change Agents’ workspace

Is passion enough ?
Are we ready ?
What are we capable of ?
What do we mean by sustainability ?

On Tuesday Feb 22, 2011, Sydney design agency Digital Eskimo and the Creative Industries Innovation Center (CIIC) gathered 10 leading design industry professionals in a room to tackle how we might create and promote a collaborative resource for designers working as ‘Change Agents’.

This blog is both a culmination of the workshop outputs, and importantly, a starting point for building a collaborative resource for workshop participants, fellow designers and colleagues wishing to contribute to the Change Agents project.

The blog is structured to take you through:

  1. The Sydney Workshop: Who was there, what we did, and a summary of the day;
  2. The specific outputs of the workshop (quick recap of each activity with accompanying images);
  3. Key themes that emerged from the workshop;
  4. The recommended Project Streams for developing the project, with suggested immediate next steps.

At this stage, there are more questions than answers. With your help, we hope to not only answer these, but make the first steps towards action.

Thank you participants!

A big thank you to all those who gave up their valuable time to contribute to project’s kick-off in Sydney.

Next steps…

We’d love for you to share your views on the outcomes of the workshop (Project Streams), and what you think the next steps should be.  We have established this blog as a space for you to connect, collaborate and share.

If were not a participant on the day, we welcome your fresh perspective on the project. If you would like to get involved as we progress the project, please contact us, and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Thank you,

Digital Eskimo and CIIC

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